Alpha Beat  Music Notation

A Fresh Perspective on Rhythm

Alpha Beat Music Notation

(Not part of the series but ...)

Although NOT in the BeatTab series, two chapters of Alpha Beat Music Notation cover important (advanced) features and theory of the rhythm notation employed within BeatTab.

BeatTab Harmonica Notation is derived from the more general Alpha Beat Music Notation. The BeatTab series utilizes the more common aspects of contextual rhythm, however if the player wishes to understand (and use) its more theoretical points, they are recommended to obtain Alpha Beat Music Notation for same.

Harmonica notation is significantly different from that used for other instruments because of its diatonic nature, which lends itself to number tablature. As well, there are many somewhat arcane techniques that are very particular to the harmonica.

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Alpha Beat Table of Contents:




1. Roadmap

2. Criteria

Part B  VERSE 

3. General 

4. Pitch  

5. Rhythm 

6. BeatTab Harmonica Notation

Part C  OUTRO 

7. Symbol & Modifier Comparisons 

8. Evaluations  

9. Recommendations 


A  Standard Music Notation Summary 

B  ABC Music Notation Summary 

Alpha Beat Music Notation Summary 

D  BeatTab Notation Summary 

E  Four Examples