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BeatTab Harmonica Blues

A broad and eclectic group of about 25 great blues (mostly) pieces, that are fun to play while demonstrating the value of notated detail — particularly for that of rhythm.

Note that in general, most of these pieces are contemporary ones, done by players that you can still reach out and touch. You do not always have to go back fifty years to hear good blues music. And YouTube and similar has allowed everyone to enjoy what they have given us. So consider buying some of their CD's or attending their workshops and webinars for great instruction. There is a lot of help out there for improving our playing. We need to support these artists.

Detailed instruction and tablature is included from easy to intermediate pieces. Although this book has been written more toward seasoned players, newer players can easily benefit from its clarity that enables much faster advancement than most blues books allow.

Blues has unique elements of rhythm, without which, the blues is just not the blues. BeatTab easily captures most of these nuances that are normally difficult-to-impossible to transcribe concisely with precision. Be prepared to be surprised as to the help that this book can provide for learning. A very unique book! 

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Featured Players (and more per the above)

The Blues

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Blues Tabs:

BUFFALO, Norton — Runaway (del Shannon / Bonnie Raitt)

CHARLES, Ray — I Can't Stop Loving You (Don Gibson)

EVERETT, Bruce — Hillcrest Mine (James Keelaghan)

GREY OWL — California Dreamin' (John Phillips)

GUSSOW, Adam — Comping - Shake Rattle & Roll (Calhoun)

GUSSOW, Adam — Crossroads Blues (Robert Johnson)

GUSSOW, Adam — Deadly Blues Harp Rhythm

KOLESNICHENKO, Konstantin — The Deb (Dave Therault)

PACLIN, Alex — Harmonica Improvisation #1 Arpeggios

PLATT, Roly — Put It Where You Want It (Joe Sample)

PLATT, Roly — Sexy Ways (Wayne Buttery)

PLOTNIKOV, Boris — Boris' Blues

PLOTNIKOV, Boris — Hip Hop Harmonica Jam

PLOTNIKOV, Boris — Sunny (Bobby Hebb)

RICCI, Jason — Basic 3rd Pos Octaves

SAYLES, Charlie — Mississippi Saxophone

SENOH, Ryuichiro — Digging My Potato (Cowboy Bebop)

SFAIR, Indiara — Improvisation in Cm

SHELLIST, Ronnie — Selected Blues Riffs

STEVENS, Mike — Devil's Bride (Matt Anderson)

THURSTON, Scott — Mary Jane's Last Dance (Tom Petty)

LECKIE, Tomlin — Georgia on My Mind (Ray Charles)

LECKIE, Tomlin — Easy 12 Bar Blues Harmonica Lesson

LECKIE, Tomlin — Tomlin's Frustration Lick on C Harmonica

ZAJAC, Andrew — Lose Your Money (Terry, McClinton, Pickett)

BeatTab Harmonica

Blues Riffs of Ronnie Shellist

Learn to improvise via The Complete Blues Riffs Flashdrive (sold separately) through his website. Detailed instructions are included from Ronnie and transcribed here for beginning and intermediate riffs including 1st, 2nd and 3rd position blues.

Tons of riffs (roughly 150) will keep you busy forever. And now you can practice the more difficult rhythms — even when you are without the audio.

Ronnie's knows how to teach improvising. And now you can have well-notated and detailed instructions to assist in your journey.

Also includes:


Some Players of Interest

The Blues

Transcribing with BeatTab   

Notation Comparisons 

BeatTab Summarized 

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 Core Licks:

Beginning Blues Licks

5 Chord Blues Licks / Turnarounds

Ending Blues Licks

More Advanced Licks:

3rd Position Blues Licks

Intermediate Blues Licks

1st Position Blues Licks

Additional Resource Licks:

Bent Blues Licks

Call & Response Licks

Draw Licks Download

Fast Blues Licks

Also Available:

BeatTab Harmonica

Blues Songs & Riffs

The complete contents of both:

BeatTab Harmonica Blues + BeatTab Harmonica Blues Riffs of Ronnie Shellist.

All-in-one book — save space AND pay less!!

Workbook - Love, Folk & More

This Workbook includes the first line or so of about 200 pieces found within the main books of the BeatTab Harmonica set— just enough to start you playing well. For more information, see the bottom section of Love & Folk webpage.

Improvising the Blues


The whole concept of improvising intimidates a lot of newer players — that it is far beyond their abilities. Well, you will never know until you try, but in its simpler forms, experience shows that most anyone can manage it to a reasonable degree. But like any worthwhile skill, it does take some practice (and bravado) after learning the basics. Few things are free in this world.


Here is a list of a few basics for learning how to improvise:



Few things feel better musically than being able to improvise a song well. But it will not happen unless you try. You know what you have to do...