BeatTab Harmonica

Notation for the 21st Century

Easy - Compact - Precise

 "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leo da Vinci (an early blues artist)

Ideally — we need less notation — and more music. The goal of BeatTab is to accurately learn with minimal effort. Use tab but do not let it get in the way of your playing! 

BeatTab Harmonica (4 book series + more)

Choose from hundreds of pieces from easy favorites of Folk, Love, Campfire, Oldies, Holiday Favorites or Children's songs to that of the Blues. Then settle down to play.  This innovative tablature is coupled with complete and precise integral rhythm details that do not need those nasty "dots and tails". Also extensive playing tips have been included. These are very unique books compared to the usual fare of instruction manuals that largely leave the player to flounder.

Alpha Beat Music Notation 

A remarkably different notation for all instruments — providing answers so simple (and familiar even) that you may be shocked at the potential impact. These innovations suggest substantial benefits — even beyond just the early learning stages. Easy, compact and precise.  Although not part of the above series, chapters 5 and 6 of this book provide additional valuable insights per the advanced usage of BeatTab.

About BeatTab Notation 

BeatTab is an easy and precise method (derived from Alpha Beat Music Notation) for concisely notating music for the harmonica — great for playing while maintaining the familiarity of typical Harmonica Tab. BeatTab is a unique method to not only learn how to play the notes of a piece — but also to better manage the rhythm complexities — and even to enable doing your own transcriptions. Look forward to:

Harp players, like all good musicians, desire to improvise and inject life into their music via practiced riffs. But before these riffs are fully memorized and have become second nature, how do they get easily catalogued for later practice of both, the notes and rhythm? The answer is here. 

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. . . toward helping more people to play more music.

Grant Dukeshire